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Dripping Springs - Tennessee Paint Rock Agate

Dripping Springs is an interesting site for Tennessee Paint Rock agate. The first site was found after walking 15 miles around the mountain at the 1400 foot level. For some time a lot of great Tennessee agate was dug at the matrix. After it appeared all of the agate had been collected, a new location was discovered by coming into the site from a different direction. It's my understanding the truck may have been overloaded with agate as it came out. I only recently visited this site, since I like the rare spider web found in limited small pieces. I could not believe what I saw. You could not put your foot down without setting it on agate. Ken explains it as a lens of agate and I would agree. It is coming out of the earth like a walk way about 6 to 8 inches thick. Now don't get excited (I did) the good material has been collected. Much of what remains is clear and of little value or use. If you work hard you may find a large 10 ponder that you may hit with a hammer enough to get a little color on an end or the center. If you find a good piece, you will be very happy. I believe it is the most clear agate we have, as clear as water. The colors and fortification have many different patterns, and all beautiful. I will be adding more pictures of this agate over the next few months. The picture is of a rare piece of spider web Tennessee Paint Rock agate which I set in silver as a pendent.

This is from a Block 1 where all 6 sides are outstanding.

This is another Block 2

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